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HotWire VR

Mehr als nur Spielerei Wir sind leidenschaftliche Gamer und auch wenn wir kein klassisches Gamestudio sind, kennen wir die Vorteile von Gamification und nutzen diese für unsere Projekte. Außerdem freuen wir uns über jede Möglichkeit, unserem inneren Spielkind freien Lauf zu lassen. Deshalb hat es dem gesamten Team in den Fingers...

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Deep Blue

Showcase - VR for beginners and non-swimmers

Our underwater showcase Deep Blue has already captivated many trade fair visitors and drawn them to the ocean floor. This interactive story has already been used at several events - among...

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VR Patient Care

Actively counteracting the shortage of skilled nursing staff VR training is already being used in healthcare, but it is mainly used in the education and training of highly specialized professionals such as surgeons. So why not make this innovative form of learning accessible to other professionals? That's exactly what we are do...

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Assembly VR

Model project - Showing what VR trainings can and cannot do

Virtual trainings are currently very popular use cases of our customers, therefore with Assembly VR we have developed a showcase, which gives a good...

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Model project - Interactive Storytelling in a Nutshell

We design individualized experiences and interactive stories for our customers for various occasions. In order to give a good overview of options, functions and areas of applica...

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