More than just gamification

We are passionate gamers and even though we are not a classic game studio, we know the advantages of gamification and use them for our projects. Moreover, we are happy about every opportunity to give free rein to our inner game child. That’s why the whole team was tingling in their fingertips to develop the project of our working student Elisabeth into a real game and publish it.

Ready for a highly exciting game? The wire is already preheated!

Ring on Fire

It’s actually quite simple: everyone knows the game principle of the skill game “Hot Wire” and knows what to do. So it’s simply a matter of transferring this into the virtual world and that’s it. Sounds super easy – but it’s not! Because in order to implement the fine motor movements in VR, precise control is required. Besides, a good game doesn’t live on gameplay alone.

So that it doesn’t get boring, we have woven the wire into different worlds. These vary depending on the level and thanks to many details there is a lot to discover.

However, there is often no time for details during the first run, because the difficulty increases with each level. In addition to a challenging parkour, there are other game mechanics that make it difficult to progress. The players are slowed down by various interferers and stoppers.

This gives the classic game a new drive and increases the replay value. On top of that there is no possibility to save the progress of the game. That’s why you have to stay tuned! Challenge accepted?

Follow the wire

HotWire takes the players directly into space. In several space levels, you wind your way through the galaxy between stars and planets, encountering UFOs, astronauts and a variety of intergalactic life forms. Some representatives are well-disposed towards us, but beware, others point their laser at the wire and open fire. Then you have to react quickly! This can be quite tricky when a black hole blocks the way and the wire gets more and more entangled from level to level.

Back on earth, the wire winds through the canyons of a city floating on islands. Here you have to accompany a postman on his mission and maneuver him safely through all obstacles to deliver the letters just in time.

Keep the wheel spinning


HotWire is designed for the standalone VR headsets Oculus Quest (Meta Quest), Pico Neo 3 and 4 as well as for the PC-bound Oculus Rift S. To avoid potential performance problems with the limited power of the standalone devices, we opted for a charming comic look that runs smoothly on all devices. Keep it simple, but beautiful!

Level up

We stay tuned and continue to develop the game. Of course, we respond to the wishes of our users. For example, it is already possible to switch between left-handed and right-handed mode. This also includes updates such as porting to new hardware like the Meta Quest 3.

Wires Connecting People

So that the game can actually be played, we have not only published it free to play on the Sidequest platform, but also on Steam. In addition to the demo, an extended version with more content awaits its challengers there.

In addition to a lot of fun and team spirit, we also learned a few lessons from this project for our other projects. This way we can help you even better to prepare content interactively and appealingly for your target group. In doing so, we focus on innovative game mechanics for immersive platforms. Whether VR or AR, we develop an individual visual language and story for you that inspires people for your message.

HotWire Gameplay

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