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Architectural Visualization

The interior and exterior visualisations presented here have been developed over the years in the course of several cooperations with the architect Martin Faßauer and the office community Baukomplex, Ronny Jesse and with the company KWP Immobilien GmbH. Important for the implementation were the faithful reproduction of the façade decorations, d...

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Workflow Tips | Random Material ID

One of the main problems of rendering is its perfection. Tree objects, that consist of many leaf elements with the same material applied to them, are often lack the natural variations the viewer would expect. In our production workflow we faced this problem on a daily basis. As we always try to improve the quality of our architectural renderings...

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Workflow Tips | Multiscatter – How to scatter by Maps for small areas

For the project golf course we used the 3ds Max plug-in Multiscatter of the company Visual Dynamics to create the vegetation. It is a great plug-in for scattering objects on a surface. During the process of the project we noti...

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Project-Overview | Golf course

Produced with the intention to incorporate a high density of vegetation, the “Golfplatz”-project was our training ground to gain some first-hand experiences with the creation and rendering of very large scenes. The environment of a golf course seemed to be a very reasonable choice for an undertaking like this, because it incorporates a lot of d...

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Project-Overview | Apartment

Wir haben dieses Projekt gemacht, um zu zeigen, wie wir an eine Innenvisualisierung einer Wohnung herangehen würden. Um das Ganze herausfordernder und interessanter zu machen, versuchten wir, verschiedene Tageszeiten zu zeigen, damit wir mit der Reaktion der Materialien auf die verschiedenen Lichtsituationen experimentie...

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