Model project – Interactive Storytelling in a Nutshell

We design individualized experiences and interactive stories for our customers for various occasions. In order to give a good overview of options, functions and areas of application, we have simplified them in a clear showcase.

More than just a room tour

A popular scenario is a tour of a property. For this purpose, we have created the fictitious company BioTic. The company would like to present the new building to its headquarters, its staff, but also to customers and partners. There is a lot to discover here, because in addition to the new offices, fully equipped high-tech laboratories are waiting to be explored and the functions of the machines to be explored.

Presentation mode or discovery mode – the choice is yours.

Our interactive stories can be told in two ways.


You guide your audience through the application and explore the story together. This way, you tell a straightforward story where you can go into all the relevant details. This format is ideal for conferences, presentations, and lectures.


You let your users explore the application independently, like an open world game – so everyone experiences an individual journey through your world. This mode is primarily used for showrooms, trade fairs and events.

Storytelling – The focus is on the experience

We focus on infotainment that makes facts tangible and illustrates them three-dimensionally. In this way, the viewers themselves become part of the application and can actively experience the story instead of just passively consuming it. Unlike a video, this experience leaves lasting memories in the minds of customers.

In this way, we create impressive experiences, but deliberately avoid complicated game mechanics that distract from the actual content or overwhelm inexperienced users.

What we don’t want to do without, however, is interaction. Thanks to simple controls, every visitor can navigate through the rooms and interact with the marked objects. This also applies to the presentation mode, because what could be worse than failing at an important presentation because of the technology? For this purpose, additional predefined camera movements can be recorded, which are integrated into the rooms and become part of the tour quite organically. This way, challenging passages can be pre-planned and speakers* can fully concentrate on their texts. In addition, our application works on (almost) all common VR glasses thanks to Open XR.

Unique story without individual development

Thanks to our in-house developed all-in-one tool, we have the possibility to implement your story easily and thus cost-efficiently. Nevertheless, you don’t get an off-the-shelf product, because our framework can be extended and customized. Thus, we create each story according to the customer’s wishes and make it unique. This makes our application the coolest alternative to PowerPoint and you the hero at the next conference!

Never ending Story?

We love telling stories and look forward to new ones. The more unusual, the better. So don’t let this simple showcase limit your imagination, we can do much more!

What is your story?

Technical details

  • High-level graphics thanks to 4K and real-time ray tracing (RTX)

  • Live configurations of e.g. furnishings, surface materials or the like

  • Sounds and moving details for more immersion

  • Menu-adjustable functionalities, such as switching between VR and desktop mode, top view and other settings

  • Possibility to stream to mobile devices

  • Integration of information / presentation content (classic slides, images, texts and videos) and interactive objects

BioTic Cinematics

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BioTic Gameplay

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