Showcase – VR for beginners and non-swimmers

Our underwater showcase Deep Blue has already captivated many trade fair visitors and drawn them to the ocean floor. This interactive story has already been used at several events – among others for Schenker Technologies to demonstrate VR hardware, but also at the LEAVR XR Arcade in Leipzig’s Media City.

Under the Sea

Go diving with us! Our interactive story teleports you into a diving cage that is lowered into the depths of the ocean. But don’t panic, you are not alone on your way to the bottom of the sea.

Deep dive in shallow water

You don’t need water wings for this experience, because it is definitely suitable for VR beginners and non-swimmers – you don’t even need controllers. Without actively taking care of the controls, you can simply drift, enjoy the passing flora and fauna and let the impressions take effect. Because that’s the focus: this showcase offers a user-friendly experience that creates an emotional connection to VR technology and is intended to break down reservations.

Guided stories are particularly well suited for this. What that means in this case? We don’t leave you alone to dive with the sharks, but instead provide you with a story manager. This narrator guides you through the whole dive with a professional dubbing in German and English, explains the course of events and gives hints where there is something to discover. This way you will never miss a shark light!

Thanks to the relaxing setting and the deliberate renunciation of hectic motion sequences, unpleasant side effects such as motion sickness, dizziness and disorientation are also not an issue.

Another plus is the minimal supervision required, as the application is also absolutely uncomplicated for the demonstrators. Due to the fixed sequence of events, your visitors will resurface by themselves after about 7 minutes, which makes this type of application ideal for trade fairs and events.

To ensure that the positive experience is also associated with your brand, the application offers various options for personalization. Just like that you become the owner of your own research station.

VR with bite

Even though we emphasize that this experience is particularly suitable for beginners, this does not mean that it will be boring for experienced users. Thanks to the detailed implementation and immersive storytelling, we create an impressive visual experience. And that’s what matters to us: We want to get people excited about VR.

Deep Blue Trailer

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