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3D web visualization

Meet our Bot

The spotlight of this story is on our fictitious MedBot, a small medicine transport robot. We show its features, how it is assembled and examples of how it can...

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Interactive medical record

AR journey into the human body

Virtual and augmented reality are already being used in many medical fields. However, this is mostly done to train highly qualified specialist staff. ...

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Human-machine interface meets VR driving simulation

Driving in VR is a classic, which is why we're spicing things up with a few technical features. What makes it special? Our applic...

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50 Hertz

High voltage guaranteed

What does a transmission system operator actually do? A question that few people ask, as many don't know what it is or that it even exists. For most of us, electricity comes ...

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Realistic renderings

Realistic renderings - we can 👌

In the world of visualization, realism is the supreme discipline, and we accept every challenge to bring virtual objects to life. Fittingly, we recently receiv...

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