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VRX – Biotic

For the project “BioTic” we launched a fictional corporation going by the same name. Having no special architectural obligations for this project allowed our team to let their creativity flow into it. Besides the research and data analysis facilities typical for pharmaceutical enterprises the virtual BioTic includes both a reception area and se...

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VRX – Loft

The VRX-project “Loft” is our reference work about the creation of a real-time visualization by means of a pre-built 3D-scene done by renowned polish studio Evermotion. The project focused on producing a vivid and enjoya...

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Exposé 3D-Data

Oftentimes, the quality of automatically developed 3D surface data is not sufficient for the use in high-quality visualizations and real-time applications. To show the numerous advantages of manually developed and optimized 3D object data, LeFx created an exposé including a detailed exemplary case. The main focus lies in the optimization of 3D ...

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Project-Overview | Golf course

Produced with the intention to incorporate a high density of vegetation, the “Golfplatz”-project was our training ground to gain some first-hand experiences with the creation and rendering of very large scenes. The environment of a golf course seemed to be a very reasonable choice for an undertaking like this, because it incorporates a lot of d...

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During a runtime of 4 years (1 year of further development of the scanning environment and 3 years of scanning), human and animal bones were scanned, edited and exported for a database of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig/Germany. The goal was to make these scanned bones freely available for archaeologists and ant...

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Project-Overview | Apartment

We made this project to show how we would approach an interior visualization of an apartment. To make the whole thing more challenging and interesting, we tried to show different periods of the day so we could experiment with reaction of the materials to the different lighting situations. The most time-consuming part was the post production, bec...

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