The VRX-project “Loft” is our reference work about the creation of a real-time visualization by means of a pre-built 3D-scene done by renowned polish studio Evermotion.

The project focused on producing a vivid and enjoyable atmosphere in an open and sunny loft architecture in which the user can freely move and interact.

To enhance this effect, a lot of effort was put into a realistic and detail-rich depiction of the scene and the architectural assets, which were optimized for real-time usage. Further emphasis was put into the material design, which in combination with the natural lighting conveys a realistic experience to the user. During the development phase a lot of tests concerning optimization and quality of the assets where conducted to establish a workflow that allows us to efficiently execute real-time visualizations for client projects.

By means of this VRX-project, we are able to present all the advantages of real-time visualizations to the client, that allow the creation of product films in a minimum of time. With classic visualizations rendering several hours per picture, real-time visualizations facilitate the creation of a complete movie in the same amount of time, which saves expenses and additionally convey many more impression not being experienced before.

For instance, a tablet serves as a virtual window into the visualization, with the sensors capturing the viewing direction and tilt and thus completing the immersion. Furthermore, the visualization can be brought to life with perfectly smooth with 60 frames per second on a UHD display. Thereby this system easily lends itself to the deployment on fairs and exhibitions to present design idea to potential customers.

Music: “Silence await” by cdk

Echtzeit-Visualisierung Loft