Oftentimes, the quality of automatically developed 3D surface data is not sufficient for the use in high-quality visualizations and real-time applications. To show the numerous advantages of manually developed and optimized 3D object data, LeFx created an exposé including a detailed exemplary case.

The main focus lies in the optimization of 3D objects, their wide-ranging fields of application and the creation of UV mapping and textures for the use of realistic materials. Another important factor are the data formats that can be offered, which allow the optimal use of these data within different scenarios.

In this exposé we offer a detailed comparison between manual and automatized processes for all areas of data editing. Thus, you can allow yourself to be convinced of its many advantages. Furthermore, we show the high-quality standard that we work by.

Much developmental work has been done to be able to offer an all-inclusive package to our clients – this is only possible thanks to optimal preparation standards. Data created by us can be used in-house by your company or publicly offered to third parties interested in your products.

Please take a moment and inform yourself about the best way of publication of object data. We are looking forward to digitalize your collections in the future.

The following link opens a PDF version of the exposé for reading and downloading (only available in german): Link