For the project “BioTic” we launched a fictional corporation going by the same name.

Having no special architectural obligations for this project allowed our team to let their creativity flow into it. Besides the research and data analysis facilities typical for pharmaceutical enterprises the virtual BioTic includes both a reception area and separate conference and meeting rooms. The goal was to visualize theme-separated rooms on a larger scale, with every single area with its assets being inimitably recognizable and identifiable.

For this process we from LeFx optimized our workflow in that every asset can be rendered with a lot of detail. As a result, it is possible to even identify single keys or parts of a text on telephones or displays in a 3000 square meter office area. Besides our attention to detail, we put a lot of emphasis on the overall appearance of the architecture. Each of the different areas has special architectural properties. For instance, the research rooms are kept realistic and minimalistic while the office rooms are eased up by the atrium and the larger window facades.

Additional to implement functionalities were the manipulation of objects and respectively the interactions between different items. Several doors open and close automatically, laboratory machines can be used according to their purpose and the user can pick up items and use them in interactions. To the team of LeFx, it was important that the overall concept appears realistic and application-oriented.

Using a VR-headset, it is possible to explore the architecture and perform interactions through an easy to grasp system. A UHD OLED display furthermore allows for using a special concept and build mode inside the application in which objects and furniture can be repositioned and exchanged using an overview perspective of the whole floor. This can be used, as shown in the video below, to vary the furniture assortment in real-time. Finally, the user can experience the result of his modifications through a first person view. This enables utterly new possibilities for the conception phase of architectural projects and their interior furnishing.

For further information, as well as a detailed insight into the project and the corresponding discussion, please visit the link to the Unreal Engine Forum.

Music: “Photo theme: Window like” by Antony Raijekov

Video 4k Showcase
Video 4k Showcase