Developed in cooperation with Sonntagsfilm, the aim of the “SEW Overdrive Showcase” project was to use virtual reality technology to present and market SEW-Eurodrive products and solutions.

Professionally set to music in English and German, the implementation offers a tutorial and practice environment in which the user gets to know the individual interaction types in a playful way, so that even VR beginners have a good basis for navigation in the main application. Three stations were implemented in this environment, where gears and a segment of a rotary kiln can be examined under the magnifying glass. A simulated exploded view of the 3D model on the one hand and an X-ray like scanner on the other hand give the user an insight into the structural design of the gearboxes. Information panels enhance this experience with useful facts. Finally, the rotary kiln segment can be marvelled at with the help of a lifting platform, before it is transformed into a stargate, conceived as a metaphor for the infinite possibilities of the virtual world, and teleports the user to an asteroid at the edge of the galaxy, before the application returns to the main menu and is ready for the next user.

A major focus of this project was the non-linear user guidance in combination with accompanying audio for any ambiguities. Conceived as a marketing application for use at trade fairs on the basis of HTC Vive, the graphic quality and complete immersion of the VR application is of course once again the top priority.

Music: Arnav Srivastava – Arrival

SEW Eurodrive Showcase

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