The power of VR

VR training is the most efficient medium for learning complex work sequences and contexts. What a statement! Our VR Engine Workshop proves that this is not just marketing blah blah but real facts.

Start your Engines

In cooperation with Volkswagen and the Volkswagen engine plant in Chemnitz, we have developed a virtual training course on the assembly of a modern combustion engine – which clearly conveys to both laypersons and employees which components are required and how they are to be assembled. Exploded views provide details on the most important assemblies and their function.

Get your engine running

The aim of the application is to create a playful learning approach and to replace boring memorization with active experience. Especially in VR environments, interactive experiences can be gained which are very close to real work. This enables a deeper and more effective learning experience than classical methods. In addition, with the virtual workplace we create a safe space where mistakes have no consequences. Thus, work processes can be trained without pressure and mistakes can be easily corrected. In addition, there is the stimulation of motor memory. Trainees link the subject matter directly to the appropriate hand movement, which has been proven to increase learning success.

Edutainment is also a factor that should not be neglected. After all, having fun while learning not only increases motivation, but also ensures that knowledge is stored faster and in the long term.

Incidentally, the application does not require any language at all, which creates a great deal of added value for people without any knowledge of German and ensures greater equality of opportunity.

The Sky is the Limit…

It would be nice! As is often the case, the project is limited by hardware and the available engineering data: An engine consists of more than 70 individual components, which are precisely derived from CAD data in order to represent the assembly process as realistically as possible. In addition to structuring the data sets, our focus is on optimizing the 3D data. What for? To ensure good performance on the HTC Vive Pro without compromising on quality.

VR Engine Workshop Trailer

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