Model Project – Interactive Storytelling goes IPad

We design individualized experiences for our customers for various content and devices!

Even if we only reach the peak of performance with 4K resolution and real-time raytracing (RTX) with top-equipped PCs and corresponding VR headsets, impressive results can also be achieved on the move. This showcase demonstrates what can be gotten out of IPads thanks to. Curious? Let’s have a look!

Virtual Coffee to go

We take you on a tour of our loft. You can move freely through the rooms, browse through our bookshelf or take a seat at the set dining table where a freshly brewed coffee is waiting for you.

Your window into our virtual living room is the iPad in your hands. The highlight is that the iPad’s sensors adjust the tilt angle of the device to the displayed image section – thus we transform your viewing angle into the virtual space and create a fully immersive 3D experience.

Level Up for Your Presentations

The times of boring presentation slides are over! With our interactive stories, you can present any content in an appealing way and make a lasting impression on your counterpart. This makes it easy for you to convince in every business talk, whether at trade fairs, meetings or on-site appointments.

It doesn’t matter whether you demonstrate the application or send your customers on a tour of discovery – the benefits remain the same:

Three-dimensional infotainment

More than just a video thanks to free exploration of content

Lasting memories through active experience of the story

Impressive experiences without complicated controls

You don’t have to do without the features of our virtual stories on the move either:

As usual, interactive elements such as presentation slides, images or videos as well as other micro-interactions can be integrated. Of course, camera movements, animated details and sounds are also possible. We always keep an eye on performance to provide you with a smooth 3D experience in the best possible visual quality.

And of course mobile also applies: Unique story without individual development.

Thanks to our in-house developed all-in-one tool, we have the possibility to implement your story easily and thus cost-efficiently. Nevertheless, you don’t get an off-the-shelf product, because our framework can be extended and customized. This way, we create each story according to the customer’s wishes and make it unique.

We are looking forward to your story!

Loft Trailer

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